Study in Canada

Why Canada?

Canada has one of the most developed education systems in the world, along with many world-class universities as well as secondary and primary schools. Presently, China is the largest source of international students in Canada, making education a crucial element in the Sino-Canada relations. Studying in Canada has a variety of advantages including but not limited to:

  • Top ranked universities in the world, such as University of Toronto, Mcgill University and University of British Columbia.
  • Relatively-low costs for tuition and living in Canada, compared to other top countries for international education.
  • Canada is open for immigrants and has friendly immigration policies for international students; Students who completed post-secondary diploma can apply for immigration after enough work experience.
  • Canada has a multicultural society so students from any country and of any ethnic origin will feel safe and respected.
  • Canada has the best quality of life, according to UN studies.

As the capital of Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest in North America. It is also among the most diverse cities in the world with over 152 languages and dialects, spoken by residents from more than 80 different culture and ethnic backgrounds. Toronto is Canada’s hub for education, economic activities and arts, making it the ideal destination for international students studying in Canada.

Famous universities in Canada:

多伦多大学 University of Toronto

Founded in 1827, University of Toronto has evolved into the leading institution of learning, discovery and knowledge creation in Canada. It is home to numerous outstanding scholars and researchers, whose achievements are sound in their areas. It is consistently ranked as the number one university of Canada and one of the top 20 in the world.



皇后大学 Queen’s university

Located in Kingston, Ontario, the Queen’s university has been recognized as one of Canada’s ‘big four’ prestigious universities. Queen’s university has very high admission standards: its admission average is the highest among Canadian universities for many years. In particular, Queen university is renowned for its business school, which is respected not only in the academic world, but also by the entire financial industry in north America.



滑铁卢大学 University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is the premier Canadian public research university with exceptional programs in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. The University of Waterloo is most famous for its cooperative education (co-op) programs, which allow the students to integrate their education with applicable work experiences. The university operates the largest post-secondary co-operative education program in the world, with over 17,000 undergraduate students in over 140 co-operative education programs.




阿尔伯塔大学 University of Alberta

University of Alberta is one of the top five public research universities in Canada and one of the 100 universities worldwide. It is located in Edmonton, Alberta, a hub for the country’s oil and petrochemical industry and one of the most wealthy cities in Canada. The University of Alberta is renowned for its research in Petroleum Engineering, Life Science and Agriculture.



西安大略大学 Western University

Western University is widely recognized as ‘the Harvard of Canada’ and its Ivey school of business is accepted as the best business school in the country.