Principal's Message

OAIE (Ontario Academy of International Education) is a high school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education that supports a path towards admission into colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. As we begin our journey of discovery together, the priority of academic success and becoming life-long learners is of the utmost importance to our teaching staff and administration. We offer a wide range of courses in ESL, English, Business, and Science.

The remarkable teaching staff and administration place great emphasis on producing engaging, purposeful, and vibrant lessons which allows students to feel successful. At OAIE, we have built a warm community to support our students both inside and out of the classroom. When you attend OAIE, you will recognize that our students are supportive of one another from day one straight through to graduation. Graduates of OAIE are able to use their outstanding knowledge, passion, and skill-set to ensure that they have a positive impact and become successful contributors to society.

With planned excursions around the city of Toronto, students will feel at ease while learning about all that this multicultural city has to offer. The city of Toronto prides itself on being inclusive and diversified, with over 230 different nationalities living within its borders. This environment lends itself quite well to supporting our unique and talented students. Ensuring a safe, positive, and exclusive learning environment is a top priority for me. It is both an honour and privilege to be a part of OAIE as the principal. We invite you to enquire further about our enriching learning environment and all of the wonderful experiences gained by living in the city of Toronto, the most captivating city in the world!



Principal of Ontario Academy of International Education
Mr. Sean Fazl