Program Requirements

Students will be placed in levels according to the English proficiency test.

Program Introduction

The key objective of the OAIE International Institute ESL program is to teach students how to improve their English language skills. After completing the ESL program, students are better prepared for their future personal, academic, and professional lives. Our knowledgeable, well-equipped teachers have rich experience in applying their highly-practical teaching plans to students from diverse, non-English speaking backgrounds. The small class sizes aim to form closer bonds between teachers and students, helping students become more confident with the English language. Students with different educational backgrounds and levels of proficiency will quickly improve their English abilities, which they can apply effectively outside of the classroom.

In parallel with the development of our students language skills, this course also provides students with the necessary awareness and savvy for living in Canada. This foundation promptly allows them to become acquainted with their study and living environment. The use of modern English interactive multimedia makes every class very lively and engaging. Students can join their teachers on city tours, camping activities, movie showings, and other extracurricular activities to enrich their after-school lives. Students can even extend these extracurricular experiences back into the classroom, as multimedia presentations for the benefit of their language development. OAIE provides a healthy platform for students to showcase their talents and to strengthen their mastery of English.

Program Features

5 levels from basic to advanced, improving students’ English skills step-by-step.

  • Each level is approximately 4 weeks, or 110 teaching hours
  • Flexible schedule; One level per month, with all levels offered every month
  • Our ESL program is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education and counts towards credits in the OSSD program

ESL Courses

Courses are divided into five levels

Level 1 (ELDAO)


This course is intended for English language learners who have had limited access to schooling and thus have significant gaps in their first-language literacy skills. Students will use basic listening and speaking skills to communicate in English for everyday purposes; develop readiness skills for reading and writing; begin to read highly structured texts for everyday and school related purposes; and use basic English language structures and sentence patterns in speaking and writing. The course will also help students become familiar with school routines and begin to adapt to their new lives in Canada.

Level 2 (ELDBO)


This course is intended for English language learners who have had limited access to schooling and thus have gaps in their first-language literacy skills. Students will use their developing listening and speaking skills to communicate in English; develop reading strategies to understand a variety of simple texts; produce simple forms of writing; apply increasing knowledge of English grammatical structures; expand their vocabulary; and develop fundamental study skills. The course will also provide opportunities for students to use school and community resources and build their cultural knowledge of Canada.


Level 3 (ELDCO)


This course builds on students’ growing literacy and language skills and extends their ability to communicate in English about familiar and school-related topics. Students will improve their literacy skills through a variety of contextualized and supported reading and writing tasks; distinguish between fact and opinion in short written and oral texts; complete short guided research projects; make brief oral presentations; and engage in a variety of cooperative learning activities. The course will also enable students to further develop their study skills and personal management strategies, and broaden their understanding of Canadian culture and citizenship.


Level 4 (ELDDO)


This course extends students’ literacy skills and ability to apply learning strategies effectively, and teaches them how to use community resources to enhance lifelong learning. Students will engage in a variety of guided reading, writing, and viewing tasks; use media and community resources to complete guided-research projects; and communicate for a variety of academic and everyday purposes with increasing accuracy and fluency. This course further develops the critical thinking skills students will need to participate in Canadian society as informed citizens.


Level 5 (ELDDO)


This course provides students with skills and strategies that will allow them to continue their education successfully and pursue pathways to employment that may involve apprenticeship and/or cooperative education programs. Students will develop greater independence in reading and writing, as well as in interpreting media texts; use a range of media and community resources; and communicate both orally and in writing on a variety of topics. This course also expands the critical thinking skills students will need in order to contribute to Canadian society as informed citizens.


International English Language Testing System Preparation Course - (IELTS)

Course Introduction

The IELTS Preparation Course helps students prepare for the IELTS test, the results of which are recognized by all universities and colleges. The IELTS score demonstrates the students capacity to use English in work and study.
The emphasis of this course is on various aspects of language skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our experienced teachers help students expand their vocabulary and writing technique, while also developing their reading and listening skills. The chief objective of this course is to prepare students for IELTS.

Course Features

Flexible schedule: this course is offered at multiple points in the semester
Students can enter into the program at any time
Students become familiar with the IELTS exam and its questions
Teaches students IELTS test-taking strategy Students prepare for the most popular English proficiency test in the world

IELTS Training courses:

The IELTS courses provided at OAIE are designed to systematically improve students’ professional english language skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. These courses are taught by experienced instructors and are offered together with regular high school courses.